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Game of Thrones decor to shop while you wait for Season 8

As it turns out, Etsy is full of “Game of Thrones”-themed items

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Game of Thrones returns for its final season on April 14, and fans around the world can’t wait to see what happens to close out the show. But instead of reading endless recaps and predictions and analysis and trying to figure out who is going to die and in what order, allow us to present a simpler, more relaxing way to tide ourselves over: Let’s look at a bunch of Game of Thrones-themed stuff on Etsy.

From dragon egg candles to clocks, there’s really nothing that can’t be glitzed up with a bit of Westeros drama. Below, find 12 of the most interesting—and in some cases, downright bizarre—home decor items that are sure to make Game of Thrones super fans swoon.

Dragon Egg Candles

Etsy | $25

Nothing says Game of Thrones home decor quite like dragon egg candles, and these four boast great texture and metallic shine.

Khal & Khaleesi Stamped Spoons

Etsy | $25 and up

Nothing says love quite like these stamped spoons. Give one to your partner in Westeros crime and live happily ever after.

Game of Thrones Map

Etsy | $129

Want to add an understated, high-quality canvas map of Westeros and Essos to your home? This three-piece version is available in multiple sizes.

Iron Throne Pencil Holder

Etsy | $13.99

You may not sit on the real iron throne, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use a replica to hold your pens and pencils.

House Glasses

Etsy | $62.95

These etched drinking glasses are great for drinking out of and, we’re assuming, getting into fights with your roommates/family over who gets which glass.

Dragon Shower Head

Etsy | $29.95

All true Game of Thrones nerds are missing a dragon shower head in their life. Because nothing says super fan quite like a metallic blue dragon that breathes water.

Cake Topper

Etsy | $22.43

This one-of-a-kind cake topper will definitely come in handy whenever you’re making a cake and you need to top it. “Happy birthday! You like Game of Thrones, right?”

Dinner is Coming Cutting Board

Etsy | $29 and up

This is one of about 10,000 “Dinner Is Coming” cutting boards on Etsy. But to be fair, it’s a pretty good joke, as far as cutting boards go.

Hodor Door Stop

Etsy | $20

This best-selling door stop needs no explanation.

Engraved wood coasters

Etsy | $24

These engraved wood coasters look great, and they managed to include all of the Great Houses. Also, according to the description, they will “make you feel the scent of the ancient time.”

Moon of My Life, My Sun and Stars Prints

Etsy | $6

This instant download gets you high-resolution files so you can print them and make your own framed wall art of this famous quote.

Wooden Clock

Etsy | $39.38

This Targaryen-themed clock is made from two pieces of veneer Oak and Sapele that helps you tell time, or at least know when winter is coming.