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Modern home in Mexico lives the indoor-outdoor dream

Sleek, white, and just a little bit unexpected

White house in front of pool Photo: Diego Ayuso

Mexico has no shortage of beautiful modern homes, including this sleek residence in Merida by Garrido Lizarraga Arquitectos. The clean white house stretches lengthwise in a single-story rectangle that’s mostly open plan.

Backyard with sand pit and pool Photo: Diego Ayuso

The only thing breaking up the layout is a cylindrical volume that cuts the 1,776-square-foot house in two, dividing up communal and private space, including the two bedrooms. The red stucco bathroom is wrapped around the cylinder’s curve, creating a little nook full of unexpected character amid all the white. The same stucco material can be found outdoors in a backyard wall, providing a sense continuity.

Bathroom with red walls Photo: Diego Ayuso

The core of the house is the living room, whose expansive window faces out onto the patio and pool. In the corner of the main living space is a built-in kitchen module that only partially disrupts the home’s open flow.

Photo: Diego Ayuso

This being Mexico, the architects prioritized outdoor space with a large pool, sandy fire pit, sleek concrete deck, and a floating staircase that leads to a roof terrace.

Outdoor space with floating staircase Photo: Diego Ayuso