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1840 house comes with its own modern art gallery for $20M

An art collector’s dream

Photos courtesy of Structure Works

Here at Curbed, we see gorgeous real estate every day, and some of it is packed with jaw-dropping art. It’s not often, however, that a listing comes with its own art gallery. This five-bedroom, six-bath Connecticut estate, for example, features a top-notch Colonial style house dating to 1840 that spans 9,000 square feet.

But where the 51-acre property really stands apart is the 14,000-square-foot art gallery, called the ‘Granary’. Designed by architect Steven Learner in 2009, the art building includes four distinct gallery spaces and two storage vaults.

With a glass freight elevator and geo-thermal heating and cooling, the gallery and house are being sold by the estate of Melva Bucksbaum—a philanthropist, art collector, and a longtime trustee of the Whitney Museum of American Art who died in 2015.

Other amenities include a swimming pool, a pool house, two guesthouses, and a two-bedroom caretaker’s cottage. If the compound sells for its current $20 million ask, it would be the priciest home sale in Litchfield County.