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Samsung made a TV for millennials obsessed with vertical videos

Like a giant smartphone

Woman standing next to vertical TV Samsung

Which fancy television do you prefer? The one on a design-y stand? The one that rolls up like a poster? Or maybe it’s the one that stretches vertically like a phone screen?

Samsung’s newest TV, the Sero, has a QLED screen that’s designed to display vertically shot videos—you know, the kind that everyone now takes on their smartphones for apps like Instagram and Snapchat. The 43-inch screen peaches atop a slanted base where it can slide up and down and rotate 90 degrees to be viewed in landscape.

Vertical TV on stand Samsung

Like other Samsung TVs, the Sero is designed with ambient mode, which transforms the TV into a display for art, photos, and clock faces when it’s off. The TV is an unabashed play at capturing the attention of millennials (and Gen-Zers for that matter), who apparently can’t tear their eyes away from their phone screen long enough to watch a movie on an old-school TV.

It’s unclear that a vertical screen will solve that problem, or if it will be a pleasant watching experience at all. If you’ve got around $1,600 and a ticket to South Korea, where the TV will be sold exclusively at a pop-up store, you can find out for yourself.