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Amazon’s viral $7K tiny house is back in stock

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The backyard guesthouse takes two people just eight hours to build

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Courtesy of Amazon

In an era of fast shipping, Amazon is the go-to site for many shoppers these days, whether they’re buying camping gear or budget-friendly furniture. But there’s one shopping category that hasn’t yet received the Amazon takeover: big-ticket items.

Blame it on weight, price, or logistics, but most people don’t turn to Amazon if they want to buy a house or car. That’s slowly changing, however, thanks to an increasing number of kit or prefab homes that make the idea possible. We’ve reported in the past on a $36,000 shipping container house listed on Amazon, and recently a studio cabin kit from Allwood Solvalla went viral online.

According to the ad, the 172-square-foot backyard cabin can be constructed by two people using “simple tools” in just eight hours thanks to step-by-step directions. The simple design consists of a small indoor space measuring about 86 square feet with floor-to-ceiling windows and a sliding door. Adjacent to this is a covered patio with slated exterior walls for a breezy look.

Made from “high quality Nordic wood,” the cabin can—according to Allwood—be used as a home office and guest house, and it can even be erected on rooftops of multistory buildings. The kit does not include a foundation, electricity, plumbing, or roof tiles, but its barebones attributes didn’t deter buyers; the cabin sold out quickly.

Now, the kit is back in stock and includes free shipping, no less. Note, however, that each unit is made to order and the company requires 60 days after ordering for delivery. And while this garden cabin is likely the most famous of Allwood’s lineup, there’s no shortage of cabin kits on Amazon. Check out a few options below.