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Dramatic concrete office complex is Brutalism at its sharpest

V-shaped structures create unusual spaces

Building designed from concrete Photo: VTN Architects

On the outskirts of Hanoi, Vietnam, a strange office complex has taken shape. Slabs of concrete pitch together into triangular points, turning the building exteriors into a modern Brutalist fortress of sorts.

Vo Trong Nghia Architects, known for creating impressive compositions of concrete and greenery, designed the buildings as offsite offices for Viettel, a global communications company. The offices are arranged into six structures, each with two slanted walls of concrete that come together in a V-shape like two pieces in a house of cards. In each building, the slanted ends of the slabs join to create a pointy apex shielding the entrance.

Concrete buildings along street Photo: VTN Architects
Concrete buildings on green grass Photo: VTN Architects

It’s an effect that’s even cooler from the back of the “V”, where the slanted walls open wide and allow lush views onto rows of trees. Inside, meeting room conference ables naturally follow the shape of the building and the views.

The structures’ odd shapes also create a nice indoor-outdoor effect where parts of the grounds are shielded from sun and the opening between the two slabs creates plenty of open space on the roofs for a garden.

Meeting room with large wooden table and big windows Photo: VTN Architects