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Indoor-outdoor modern house hits all the right angles

Pretty satisfying

Backyard with house in background Photo: Leo Simas

Everything feels exactly in its place at this modern home in Araçatuba, Brazil. Designed by Sarau Acquitectura, the single-story house bends its timber and stone frame into a sharp L-shape on a lush, green plot of land.

The architects explain that the house is meant to blend public spaces with the private, and the indoor with the outdoor. The wood-ceilinged dining room opens to the elements, windows from the living room face out onto the bedrooms, and the entire house is designed to face the expansive backyard, where a pool stretches for 82 feet.

House with large pool Photo: Leo Simas

Still, the thing that we can’t stop admiring is perhaps not a feature at all. The architects designed the house to include a series of perfectly positioned right angles; from the rectangular stones that comprise the entry pathway to the exaggerated rectangular shape of the pool, the house feels like an homage to orthogonal beauty.

Living room with timber ceiling Photo: Leo Simas
Dining room with table and chairs Photo: Leo Simas
Front of house built from stone Photo: Leo Simas