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Circular prefab pod offers next-level glamping

How about a circular hotel room in the wilderness?

Pod with curved glass wall Image: Lumicene

The premise of camping is spending time outdoors. The premise of glamping is that you can experience nature without really needing to be in it. French company Lumicene is trying to combine the two with its line of curved-glass nature pods that are designed to merge the indoors with the outdoors.

The company’s most recent offering is the LumiPod, a circular prefab structure with an impressive 180-degree curved window. The company describes the LumiPod as a “cocoon of simplicity,” designed to create an ultra-cushy nature experience for city dwellers who might not be ready to go all-in on tent life.

Bed in room with curved glass wall Image: Lumicene

The pod’s circular 183 square feet is split into compartments like slices of pie. There’s a tile-clad bathroom, relatively spacious closet, and a large bedroom whose wall is essentially one big window.

Bed in room overlooking woods Image: Lumicene

The panels can slide to open the pod to the outdoors. They also come with blackout curtains in case you’re not the rise-with-the-sun type.

The pod comes equipped with electricity, an air conditioner, and sleek wood finishings, all manufactured in a French factory and shipped to your remote location by truck. According to The Spaces, it takes two to four months to build a Lumicene pod, but only two days to assemble on site.