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A stylish cat tree you might actually want in your home

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Like a real piece of furniture

Cat on tower scaffold Photo: Jiyoun Kim Studio

If you’re not quite ready to commit to an entire apartment designed around your pet, this high-design cat tower is a good compromise.

Designed by Jiyoun Kim Studio for a Korean pet goods company, the “Three Poles Cat Tower” is the latest modern take on feline furniture. The sleek stand looks nothing like the ragged carpet towers crammed into the corners of living rooms. Instead, Kim created streamlined design that’s made from birch plywood, carpet, and metal, and then coated in a sophisticated shade of oxblood.

Cat scratching fabric board Photo: Jiyoun Kim Studio
Cat on tower Photo: Jiyoun Kim Studio

The three poles have a series of add-ons that give cats plenty of opportunity to play. Copper balls dangle from the poles, and the bottom of the tower has a fabric board custom made to let your cat scratch all day.

A series of metal and cushioned scaffolds jut off the stand in levels and can be rearranged according to the cat’s preferences, creating stylish little perches from which cats can look down on you, in more ways than one.