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You can buy everything at Tom Dixon’s new restaurant

Like your plate? Take it with you

Gold pendants dangling over table Photo courtesy of Tom Dixon Studio

Everything is for sale at the Manzoni, a new restaurant in Milan created by British designer Tom Dixon. Yes, that means the food, but it also means the chairs, tables, dinnerware, and pendant lights. Diners will sit on the studio’s Fat chair and place their coffee on Flash tables. They can pick up Dixon’s coffee making tools or snag one of his chic pendants.

”The idea is that everything is for sale, so table settings, through to candle holders, glassware, furniture, absolutely everything will be available to buy,” Dixon’s communications director Jessica Strutt told Dezeen. “It’s in a hospitality context, so you can experience it and then see it in a live setting rather than just being on the shelf.”

Globe pendant lights hanging over table Photo courtesy of Tom Dixon Studio
Coffee making tools in cabinet Photo courtesy of Tom Dixon Studio

Today, it’s not enough to simply enjoy a meal, you have to be able to buy the lifestyle that goes with it, too. This is happening across the hospitality space with Airbnbs that double as showrooms and hotels designed to peddle wares. It’s a trend that’s equal parts brilliant and inevitable. If nothing else, it’s simply a reflection of what’s happening online, where objects are purchasable with the tap of a photo.