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Gorgeous timber home stretches vertically into the forest

A modern take on the tree house

A tree house made of timber in a forest. The house has a staircase and tall windows. Photo: Studio Chirika via Designboom

Casa Flotante (“floating house”) is exactly as advertised: a gorgeous, timber home that appears to float in the surrounding forest. Mexican architecture firm Talleresque designed the sophisticated take on a treehouse in a lush Mexico City neighborhood.

The house stretches vertically into the tree canopy, like a giant, illuminated tree trunk. The frame sits on nine stilts, creating 936 square feet of living space. A floating timber staircase wraps around the outside of the house and is the main passageway for getting from level to level.

A living area in a treehouse made of timber. The doors are open onto a deck with a table and many plants in planters. There are trees surrounding the deck. Photo: Studio Chirika via Designboom
A living area in a treehouse. There is a drum set, couch, desk, chairs, and floor to ceiling windows overlooking trees. Photo: Studio Chirika via Designboom

On the ground floor, the multi-purpose living room opens out onto an expansive deck. Indoors, there’s a kitchenette, desk, and plenty of room for a drum kit. The bedroom is on the third floor, where a row of skylights offers a peek of the flora.

A staircase wraps around a wood treehouse in a forest. Photo: Studio Chirika via Designboom

All of the levels have large windows and platforms that open out onto the forest, making the house feel like it’s one with the trees.