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Abandoned workshop renovated into dreamy modern retreat in Ibiza

An architectural Cinderella story

White house with covered patio Ibiza Interiors

When Jurjen van Hulzen bought an abandoned workshop and storage space on the island of Ibiza, Spain, it was little more than a rundown building with no plumbing and electricity. Now, the structure, called Ibiza Campo Loft, is a sleek vacation home that overlooks the island’s rocky hills.

Van Hulzen, an interior architect and owner of Ibiza Interiors and The Nieuw, updated the building with new materials and modern touches while retaining the Ibizan flavor of the original structure.

The designer renovated the traditional “sabina beam” ceiling with wood from trees on the island, which gives the otherwise stark home a warm touch. Concrete floors stretch across the house, powder-coated steel frames the windows, and mud and chalk plastered walls make the house feel like a cross between an industrial loft and cozy cabin.

Interior of house with concrete floor and timber ceiling Ibiza Interiors
Covered terrace with table and chairs Ibiza Interiors

To make the structure habitable, Van Hulzen had to install plumbing, sewage, and a well. All of the electricity for hot water, floor heating, and appliances come from solar panels.

Kitchen island facing large windows Ibiza Interiors

The resulting renovation strikes a balance between modern and rustic, luxurious and and simple. With features like a rooftop yoga platform and multiple outdoor gathering spaces, we can confidently say this would be a pretty good place to pass some much needed down time.

Concrete floors and island in kitchen Ibiza Interiors
Bathroom with herringbone tile floor Ibiza Interiors