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Airstream launches millennial-friendly e-commerce shop

The iconic brand is digging deep to provide local intel and gear for a younger fan base


Best known for their silver bullet travel trailers, Airstream is the longest-tenured RV manufacturer in the world and an iconic brand steeped in history. Lately, however, the Ohio-based company has been working hard to innovate, like launching new technology that lets you control amenities in your Airstream trailer from a smart phone. Love campers and trailers? Come join our community group.

The company’s latest on-trend move is the debut of the Airstream Supply Company, a new website that is part travel magazine and part e-commerce shop. With sleek branding, top-notch photos, and hip products, this is a site built for millennial campers.

On the one hand the Airstream Supply Company site features camping gear from like-minded brands. The “Campfire Collection” includes folding wine glasses, an Airstream-branded camping chair, and goods from companies like Otterbox, Rumpl, and Solo Stove. While not extensive, it’s a curated list that Airstream owners—especially of younger generations—will most likely enjoy.

The site is also meant as a travel resource for Airstream users, with a “Stories” section that inspires adventurers to hit the road. The first locale to get the Airstream treatment is Salida, Colorado, a town described as “grittier than Aspen and more remote than Boulder.” A collection of articles highlight what to do in Salida and also provide three shoppable items—like a handmade guitar and a cocktail bitters gift—available to purchase from local artisans.

As a native Coloradan, I can vouch for the recommendations in the Salida section; I’ve downed a pint or two at Benson’s Tavern & Beer Garden and love camping at nearby O’Haver Lake. The quality of the Salida feature bodes well for the site more generally: Airstream is digging deep to provide local intel for its fan base.

And in an era of Instagram stories and camping gear that’s cooler than ever, it’s fun to see an RV brand capitalize on digital storytelling. It’s also an indicator—among many—that in-the-know RV companies are looking to target web-savvy millennials.