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Modern home moves with the sun for optimal lighting

A roving wing regulates lighting while providing additional living space

A living area which is open. Photo: Juliusz Sokołowski courtesy KWK Promes

The sun is a tricky thing to harness. Too much exposure and it can feel a little too toasty, while too little can feel dark and gloomy. A house can’t get just the right amount of light and shade all the time, unless, of course, it’s able to move around just like the sun.

That’s the premise behind a savvy new project from Polish architecture studio KWK Promes. The Quadrant House comprises two perpendicular static volumes that form a 90-degree angle, and a roving middle wing that can respond to the movement of the sun.

Sitting on a track, the glassy moving volume swings back and forth, tracing the arc of the “quadrant” and attaching to either stationary space like a puzzle piece.

Depending on the season, the moving wing regulates the amount of sunlight in the space it snaps onto—offering shade in the summer and more sunlight in the winter. It can also extend either space, allowing an indoor-outdoor experience with its glass walls retracted or screened off for more protection and privacy. And when the kinetic wing hovers in the middle with its sliding glass windows opened completely to the outdoors, it transforms into a separate covered patio. Watch the video above to see the house in action.

Interior of sleek house with large windows Photo: Juliusz Sokołowski courtesy KWK Promes
House at dusk with kinetic room Photo: Jarek Syrek courtesy KWK Promes