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Camper van comes with a slide-out foosball table

The ultimate parking lot party on wheels

Photos by Justin Wade Orton

Camper vans may still be a small niche of the larger RV market, but every week we see innovative conversions that prove that Class Bs are a hot trend that’s not cooling anytime soon. We’ve written about vans that can sleep six, campers that can haul snowmobiles, and some vans built especially for mountain biking. Love campers and trailers? Come join our community group.

Today, however, we’re reporting on something that we’ve never seen before: A camper van equipped with a pull-out foosball table. The van is a custom build from Arizona-based Boho Camper Vans. Founded as a camper van rental company, Boho offers more affordable van conversions than some of the other custom companies. Standard builds start around $25,000, plus the cost of a used van (usually a Ford E350 costing between $10,000-$15,000).

This project—coined the Golden Egg—was a fully custom build that tested the Boho team with a larger budget. The client wanted a van that could be his full-time home as he chased warm weather throughout the United States. It started with a new, white gold long-body, high-roof Ford Transit, and included a full build-out of the interior.

Upon entering you see a sofa with side swivel table and access to a flip-up toilet underneath. A butcher block countertop defines the galley kitchen, and other features include a Dometic range and oven, stainless steel sink, slide-out pantry, and a slide-out Dometic fridge that tucks beneath the bed when not in use. A 12.2-gallon propane system, 315 ah solar-powered battery, and 3,000-watt inverter allow for the van to go off the grid, and the system also powers extra perks like the propane fireplace.

A stowaway indoor shower is hidden underneath the bamboo steps, and the build also features Boho Camper Van’s signature red cedar wood finishing, dimmable LED lighting, and bamboo floors.

Impressive, but where the van shines is in the rear. Open the back doors and you’ll find a pull-out foosball table built on 72-inch rails and leveled to perfection. Why was this extravagance necessary? For one, it’s damn cool. Second, the client also regularly competes in foosball tournaments. A rear umbrella mount provides shade, and we bet that the foosball table attracts the crowds in the parking lot.

Love what you see? While this camper is custom, Boho is prepped to design even more cool vans in the future. Their build schedule is currently full, but you can expect to find more vans for sale from their website beginning in July and August. If things go well, the company hopes to ramp up production of their $35,000 models and take on more custom projects this fall. You can also rent one of their vans first to help make the final decision about whether you’re ready to buy.