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Latest Notre Dame rebuild concept is all glass, wood, and trees

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Another glassy vision for the iconic cathedral, but with a replica spire

Rendering of Notre Dame from above Rendering: Miysis Studio

If this new proposal from Miysis Studio looks familiar, that’s because it is. The Belgian 3D visualization studio is the latest to reimagine Notre Dame’s rebuilt roof level as airy, translucent space.

Miysis redesigned the cathedral with a transparent top level built from a timber and steel frame. Similar to Nab Studio’s proposal, these renderings portray the space as an ode to greenery of sorts with large spans of windows that let in plenty of light. The plan called for raised planting beds and a row of full-sized trees that would run down the center of the floor.

Rendering of interior with wood floors and lots of plants Rendering: Miysis Studio
Large windows looking into greenhouse-like interior Rendering: Miysis Studio

The roof would be built to match the cathedral’s original proportions, making it feel familiar yet modern. “We think there is a way to be respectful and a little bit creative at the same time,” Denis Stevens, CEO of Miysis Studio told Dezeen.

To this end, Miysis envisions combining the glassy new space with a reconstructed replica of the 19th-century spire that was designed by Eugène Viollet-le-Duc and completely lost in the fire.

Rendering of Notre Dame Rendering: Miysis Studio
Rendering: Miysis Studio