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Well isn’t this smart: A fitted sheet that stays put with Velcro

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Beddingo claims it’s the first “reinvention” of the sheet in 100 years

Man pulling fitted sheet over mattress Photo: Beddingo

Making the bed is the bane of everyone’s existence. It doesn’t matter if you’re 15 or 45—getting multiple layers of fabric to sit just right is an annoyance that we haven’t engineered our way out of—yet.

So it was only a matter of time before an engineer tried his hand at improving the bedsheet. Last year, Yonatan Guy quit his day job as an electrical engineer to create Beddingo, a clever update to the basic fitted sheet that he believes will save people time and frustration every time they change their sheets.

Beddingo involves two products: an elastic strap that hugs the outside of a mattress and has a Velcro strip on the corners, and sateen cotton sheets that has its own corner Velcro to attach to the strap. Instead of wrestling with a fitted sheet, you can simply pull it taut over the corner and it will stay in place. A set of one base strap and one sheet is going for an early bird price of $69.

So far Beddingo has blown past its goal on Kickstarter, which is, if nothing else, a testament to just how much people hate changing sheets.