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Lego-like modular furniture line is endlessly reusable

All you need is your trusty hex key

Courtesy Aalo

There’s something about buying furniture that inspires uncertainty in even the most decisive person. What if you need to move in two years? How do you know how much shelf space you really need?

Aalo wants to make buying new furniture fool proof and a one-time deal. The brand makes sleek, convertible tables, desks, shelves, and clothing racks that all rely on the same kit of parts, making each piece reusable in different forms.

Man using hex key Courtesy Aalo
Parts splayed across floor Courtesy Aalo

Aalo was founded by a former manufacturing engineer who was frustrated by the lack of options for simple furniture he could take with him while moving from one city home to another. He wanted to design a line of furniture that could grow with him, no matter what his next apartment looked like.

The solution came by taking a page from Lego, namely maximizing efficiency and flexibility with a reusable kit of parts across different products. Aalo claims you can create over 100 designs from just 15 parts. All of the powder-coated metal parts attach and can be assembled using a single hex key. The resulting furniture is DIY like Ikea—only it’s meant to assemble in a few minutes and last a whole lot longer.

The company’s new collection on Kickstarter includes a side table that can also be converted to a stool and bar stool, a garment rack that be assembled into six different designs, a coffee table that can also be a bench or shoe rack, as well as flexible shelves and desks—all in a minimalist black or white finish.

Courtesy Aalo
Courtesy Aalo
Coffee table next to couch Courtesy Aalo