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Samsung is launching colorful refrigerators catered to millennials

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Cool in every sense of the word

Blue and white refrigerator Samsung

Samsung, the company that brought you televisions that don’t look like televisions, is set to release a line of refrigerators that don’t really look like refrigerators. Samsung’s new line of “Bespoke” fridges come in a series of sizes and colors that can be customized for any kitchen.

Promo photos show a rainbow of modular fridges that look like stylish armoires, from a single-door turquoise number to three-door fridge in yellow and red. According to Fast Company, Bespoke is part of a larger effort from Samsung’s called Project Prism, which is looking to transform household items like fridges and TVs into pieces of covetable furniture.

Pink, white, and gray refrigerator Samsung
Multi-colored refrigerators Samsung
Red and yellow fridge in room Samsung

The line is designed to cater to the millennial set, who companies like Samsung are betting care more about aesthetics and self-expression than ever before. We’ll see how that theory checks out when Bespoke launches first in Europe later this year.

What say you, Curbed readers? Are more expressive and furniture-like appliances a step in the right direction?