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Compact Sprinter van fits adventure gear and a bathroom

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An outdoorsy home-on-wheels for two

Photos courtesy of Rossmonster Vans

Enthusiasm for camper vans doesn’t show any signs of slowing, whether you’re discussing DIY builds or pricey custom conversions. And each week, Curbed discovers a new company building tricked out vans ranging from the simple to the downright luxurious. Love campers and trailers? Come join our community group.

The latest conversion van company to cross our desk is Rossmonster Vans out of Longmont, Colorado. Rossmonster Vans is a group of custom woodworkers, carpenters, and engineers who build vans for sale and also run a small van rental business. Vans like the Durango, featured here, are built with adventure in mind; Rossmonster Vans designs the compact spaces to haul things like bikes and skis.

The Durango uses the shorter 144-inch Mercedes Sprinter as its base, meaning that the team had to figure out how to pack all of the essentials into a smaller footprint. The van can sleep two comfortably thanks to a fold out bed that also functions as a sofa in the daytime. Both front cabin seats swivel to add seating when you want to entertain friends, and the van features a walk-through area that extends all the way to the rear.

A moveable table can be used as both a dining table and a workspace, and a fold-up counter creates an additional eating or food prep area. The kitchen is simple yet functional, featuring a combo range and oven, refrigerator, and an impressive amount of counter space. Upper cabinets provide storage for clothes or food, and the cabin is well illuminated and breezy thanks to LED lights and a MaxAir Fan.

One of the main benefits of camper vans is their ability to get places larger RVs can’t manage, but once you’re there you need the right gear. This can be a daunting task in the 144-inch Sprinter, but Rossmonster Vans makes it happen with a rear storage area that can haul bikes and skis. The full height design uses L-track to mount the bikes, foregoing the popular gear garage design of many vans. This also allows for a dry flush toilet in the back, solving the age-old dilemma of whether you need a toilet in your van.

Other amenities in the van include solar panels, Lithium-Ion batteries, and a heater. The Durango is currently for sale at $85,000, and Rossmonster Vans makes all of their vans custom so prices can vary. On average, most builds cost around $45,000, plus the cost of the van. Interested? Head over here for more.