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Social marketplace Poshmark will now let you buy and sell home goods

Another option for buying or offloading home items

accent pillows on sofa Shutterstock

Poshmark, the social shopping platform for clothing and accessories, is getting into the home decor game. Today the company is launching Home Market, a new section of its app that will cater to home goods like wall art, accent pillows, coffee table books, party supplies, and organizational tools (the full list of allowed items can be found here).

Founded in 2011, the startup has evolved from a resale platform to a full-on social shopping experience that centers around buying and selling both used and new items. With Home Market, the company is grabbing a slice of the booming $582 billion home decor market and expanding into a one-stop lifestyle shop.

Home Market works the same way as Poshmark’s existing categories in that people can upload items to their profile and sell directly to other users. After an item is sold, a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping label is generated and sellers can ship out their item for a flat rate of $6.79 (there’s a five-pound limit to this rate so the expanded service is not really targeting the furniture category).

Rendering of phone showing home goods Poshmark
Phone screen of newsfeed Poshmark

Poshmark is far from the only app out there for purchasing or offloading home goods (we made a whole list of them), but it has the added layer of social connection that taps into our desire to like, buy, and emulate the most stylish among us.

On the app, listings for items like blankets and candles will be pushed to you in the form of an image-heavy news feed catered to your preferences. For example, you can “follow” specific brands to keep up with the latest products of that brand added to the platform. In other words, it’s the dangerous, but convenient, lovechild of Instagram and eBay.