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Gaudí’s Sagrada Família finally gets building permit to finish construction

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It only took 137 years...

Cranes over Sagrada Familia, as seen in April 2016.
Cranes over Sagrada Familia, as seen in April 2016.

It’s about time—137 years after construction started on Antoni Gaudí’s Sagrada Família, Barcelona’s city government has finally approved a building permit for the legendary church that will allow the building to be completed.

La Sagrada Família’s $5.2 million permit will allow construction through 2026, which has now become the default deadline for the long overdue project.

The basilica, a UNESCO world heritage site, is a poster child for architectural roadblocks. First started in 1882, the church has encountered issue after issue, beginning with a design overhaul from Gaudí himself when he altered the plans made by the original architect. Gaudí worked on the building until 1926, when he was killed by a tram.

At the time of Gaudí’s death, the basilica was only a quarter of the way finished. Today it’s near 70 percent complete. Builders have approximate seven years to get the rest of the way there, and bring a fantastical work of art fully to life.