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High-design coffee maker looks like a ceramic pot

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An aesthetic new way to get your fix

Man pouring coffee into cup Photo courtesy of Argodesign

Coffee makers are like chairs—every designer seems to have a take on how they should look. This has led to a wealth of high-design coffee gadgetry, which is a trend we’re not the least bit upset by—concrete coffee machine, anyone?

The latest in designer coffee gear comes from Austin-based studio Argodesign, which has designed the Stäk, an attractive ceramic immersion brewer that would be right at home on even the most considered kitchen counter.

Man pouring water onto coffee grounds Photo courtesy of Argodesign

Created by industrial designer Hayes Urban, Stäk is a ceramic pot-like object that transforms immersion brewing from a multistep process into a streamlined setup. The tool comes in three parts: a funnel, base, and top that stack on top of each other.

Man stacking ceramic vessels on each other Photo courtesy of Argodesign

Coffee steeps in the top chamber, which has a rivet at the bottom. Once the coffee is brewed, stacking the lid on top of the bottom vessel activates a valve that allows coffee to drop into the carafe. Lift the top, the valve closes back up. Then pour yourself a cup of coffee.

It’s a simple but clever design that’s going to cost you some money (though far less than a robotic barista). Stäk rings up at $200 and is available here.