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Ikea wants to send you on a free two-week trip to Denmark to research happiness

Does a hygge-filled life truly make you happier? Ikea wants to find out

Copenhagen rowhouses Shutterstock

What really makes a person happy? Is it family? Friends? Money? Or perhaps a perfectly assembled Hemnes bed?

Ikea Denmark is on a mission to learn about the nature of happiness, and it’s enlisting the help of one lucky foreigner to do so. This September, the company is sending one person to Denmark on a curated anthropological mission of sorts to learn all about happiness.

Ikea points out that Denmark is consistently rated as one of the happiest countries in the world, and they suspect it’s due to their hygge-filled home life. “We know that Danes have a strong emotional connection to their homes which they perceive as a safe space for wellness and ‘hygge’,” says Lene Gaarde, a communications manager at Ikea Denmark.

This “researcher” will be set up in a temporary home in Copenhagen where they will experience authentic Danish life for two weeks, including receiving an average Danish salary, going on home tours, and receiving unlimited meatballs at Ikea restaurant.

Ikea says its ideal candidate is a curious person who loves to travel and experience new cultures. This person will be trailed by a film crew for much of the trip, so a desire and willingness to mug for the camera is a must.

If you’re interested in being part of this elaborate and luxurious marketing experiment on behalf of Ikea, you’ll need to apply for the gig by July 1.