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Gorgeous holiday home makes brilliant use of brick

A masonry lover’s dream

Brick house on sunny day Eduardo Macarios

This vacation home in Alvorada do Sul, Brazil, has something for every type of masonry lover. Are you rustic brick person? Great. More into rustic stone? It’s got that, too.

Designed by Brazilian studio Solo Arquitetos, Casa do Lago (“Lake House”) has two volumes: One built from red stones mined from a local quarry and another constructed from repurposed red bricks sourced from the owners’ defunct factory. Together, the two materials give the house a gorgeous earthy glow.

Brick house with backyard pool Eduardo Macarios
Living room with clerestory windows Eduardo Macarios

The main part of the house has an open-plan layout with clerestory windows that cast light and shadows onto the brick walls and concrete floors. The living room flows into the kitchen where a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows look out onto a lush backyard.

Open-plan living room with brick walls Eduardo Macarios

A quick walk through a vestibule leads from the public areas to the bedrooms, which are contained in a standalone structure built from red stones. The master bedroom, which the architects describe as the “highlight” of the home, overlooks the pool and river. Of course, it too has its own masonry style—walls are flanked in a serene, painted white brick.

Bedroom with open door looking out onto pool Eduardo Macarios