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Midcentury modern with original bathrooms asks $400K

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Located in Coleman, Texas

Photos by Lakekover

Midcentury modern homes come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from amazing remodels to picture-perfect time capsules. The latest to cross our desk is this three-bedroom, four-bedroom bath house in Coleman, a town in central Texas.

Built in 1958, the 2,858-square-foot home was commissioned by local jeweler Earle Smith as a brick and timber structure with plenty of midcentury charm. The living room boasts walls of windows and a central brick fireplace with soffit lighting. Wood-paneled walls throughout add coziness, and craftsman-built shelving and banquettes add charm.

Colorful original features abound, including teal counters in the kitchen, and bathroom tiles in Tiffany blue and bright green. Throw in a Nutone intercom, expansive front and back patios, and period-appropriate light fixtures and you have the perfect 1950s getaway.

Love what you see? 605 Hillside Drive is on the market now for $400,000.