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Come for the pizza, stay for the ’gram at this pink Formica eatery

Or let’s be real, is it the other way around?

Pink and green restaurant interior Chieh Huang and Alexey Kostikov

The world’s most Instagrammable pizza restaurant recently opened in London, and there are no red checkered tabled cloths or grease stains in sight. No, with its all-pink-everything interior and perfectly contrasting green accent walls, Humble Pizza is anything but a humble place to grab a slice.

Not that we mind.

Round pink cafe tables Chieh Huang and Alexey Kostikov

The restaurant, designed by London firm Child Studio, is gorgeously detailed. The architects explain that the interior is inspired by the “Formica cafes” that were opened by Italian immigrants post World War II.

“We have long been attracted to the cinematic quality of London’s ‘Formica cafes’—the duality of modernist design language and the playful, almost cartoonish spirit,” said the architects. “This project aims to create a contemporary version of this unique typology.”

Round cafe tables Chieh Huang and Alexey Kostikov

Like its predecessors, Humble Pizza makes good use of Formica. The designers worked with the original Formica factory to develop a candy-hued pink version thats clad the space wall-to-wall. The pink is accented by cherry wood details, pops of dark green, and neon signs that implore guests to “stay humble.”

Ground outside restaurant with inscription that says humble Chieh Huang and Alexey Kostikov