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Brilliant travel accessories that make hotel rooms feel like home

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Must-have creature comforts for the road

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Four small porcelain toothbrush stands holding toothbrushes on a white bathroom counter.
The Muji Porcelain Toothbrush Stand ($7.02) is a simple, helpful tool that makes a hotel bathroom feel a bit more like home.

Travel season is upon us, with millions of Americans hitting the road to visit friends, family, and new destinations. And while we love exploring beautiful places near and far, leaving home can come with some uncomfortable compromises.

Subpar hotels or Airbnbs can have scarce counter space, faulty mirrors, shoddy curtains, and plenty of street noise. Fortunately, we’ve done the dirty work of figuring out which must-have travel products should make it into your bag on vacation.

For everyone who pines for the creature comforts of home, here are our favorite travel accessories that help you feel cozy, no matter how far you go.


Keep things organized and tidy with these helpful packing items, below.

FlatPak Soap Bar Case

  • $15

This nifty product takes something simple—the soap bar case—and upgrades it into something beautiful. The welded Cordura fabric is lightweight and allows the soap bar to magically dry while keeping liquid water inside. It’s leak proof, easy to clean, and can clip onto anything.

Hygiene and cosmetics

Little things can go a long way, like a simple toothbrush stand, mirror, or the right soap bar to remove stains.

The Laundress Wash & Stain Bar

  • $6

You’re probably not doing loads of laundry very often on vacation—and you shouldn’t—but stains can still happen. We like the Laundress wash and stain bar because it isn’t a liquid, is great for spot cleaning, and has a pleasant scent with nontoxic formulas.

On the go

The best vacations have the right balance of relaxation and activity, and these products keep you charged up and on the move.

Matador Mini Pocket Blanket

  • $20

This tiny packable blanket is the smallest we’ve ever seen, fitting in the size of your palm. It’s made from ripstop nylon with a water repellent backside and puncture resistant fabric. The integrated loop makes it easy to clip onto pack and it spreads to 44 inches by 28 inches when unfolded, big enough for two.


The hardest part about leaving home is foregoing your favorite sleeping comforts. The right sleep mask, humidifier, and noise machine can help.

White Noise Sound Machine

  • $20

We started using this sound machine when we were traveling with young babies, and now we don’t leave home without. Different sounds offer options—although we always choose ocean—and the compact size makes it easy to throw in the bag when you need to block out street noise.


Add a bit of that homey feeling with aromatic products that combat even the gnarliest of travel odors.