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Introducing Editor’s Notes, a biweekly newsletter from Editor-in-Chief Kelsey Keith

What should I look for when hunting for an apartment? What kind of furniture should I invest in, and where can I take a thriftier route? Should I actually buy a mattress in a box?

At Curbed, we try to answer all of these questions for you and more on a daily basis. But sometimes, you just need to hear from the expert. For us? That’s Kelsey Keith, Curbed’s very own editor-in-chief.

Our leader since 2015, Kelsey takes a special interest in making architecture relatable, cities approachable, streets walkable, rooms beautiful, and buildings useful. And now, she’s sharing her expertise and observations with our readers directly. All you need to do is subscribe to her newsletter, Editor’s Notes. What you can expect: Every two weeks, Kelsey will give an insider’s look at what to pay attention to in the world of design—at every scale. From dealing with a big-city move to kitchen items you should definitely include on your wedding registry, you’ll hear it all.

Have a question you’d love for Kelsey to answer? Email us! And if you can’t wait for her first-hand intel, you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram now.

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