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Prefab treehouses look like periscopes peeking through the forest

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A whimsical take on the timber treehouse

Rendering of treehouse Studio Precht

Treehouses are inherently playful, but this new design from Studio Precht is a particularly magical take on the already whimsical medium. Designed for tiny home company Baumbau, the Bert looks like a periscope peeking through the forest.

Interior of treehouse with dark walls and large circular window Studio Precht

The timber concept is built around circular modules that connect together to create a tube-like structure. The prefab pieces are fabricated offsite and can be combined and arranged into different configurations, from compact tiny homes to larger buildings that branch upwards and outwards.

Rendering of treehouse modules Studio Precht

The architects explain that Bert’s unusual design came from thinking about how a child might reimagine a treehouse. “We took a playful look at this project and wanted to create a rather unique character than a conventional building,” they told ArchDaily. “A quirky looking character that becomes part of the wildlife of a forest. I think this quirkiness can create feelings and emotions. And maybe these are attributes in architecture that are missing these days.”

Rendering of module pieces Studio Precht

Indeed, Bert does have plenty of thoughtful quirks. The building’s facade is clad in timber shingles that look like leaves. Inside, the circular modules have curved dark walls that create a cozy, nest-like environment that draws attention to the large windows or balcony.

The modules are designed to be mixed and matched, which allows residents plenty of creativity and freedom when it comes to designing the tubular treehouse of their dreams.

Rendering of treehouse in forest Studio Precht