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Gorgeous restaurant is a not-so-subtle homage to Wes Anderson’s sets

Arches, pastels, great lighting—check, check, check

Bar with peach bar stools Courtesy of Asthetíque

You know a Wes Anderson interior when you see one—pastel palette, geometric details, plenty of marble and velvet. Sometimes the look is unintentional, but in the case of the new Moscow restaurant The Y, it’s a direct homage to the aesthetically minded filmmaker.

New York-based studio Asthetíque designed the two-story restaurant as a series of visual vignettes, each with its own distinct take on Anderson’s twee-meets-surrealism style that makes the restaurant a “theatrical experience from the moment you walk in,” according to Dezeen.

Dining room with globe light chandelier Courtesy of Asthetíque

The casual cafe on the first floor has a serene, greenhouse vibe with molded pale wood walls accented with mint green paint and peachy pink seating. Upstairs, the main dining room has a darker palette with brass-embossed tables, wood-framed wall murals, rich leather banquet benches, and globe light chandeliers.

Table, chairs, and leather bench Courtesy of Asthetíque
Mint green seat and marble floors Courtesy of Asthetíque

The separate areas are united by a Anderson-esque love of arches, soft, glowy lighting, and playful visual tricks that makes every nook of the restaurant totally, almost annoyingly, snapshot-worthy.