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Stunning midcentury from Frank Lloyd Wright apprentice asks $855K

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Picture perfect in every room

A midcentury modern home from 1961 with an overhanging roof, aluminum screen, stonework, and bright red door. Photos by Studio Point de Vue, courtesy of Re/Max Signature M.A.B.

Located in Boucherville, Canada, just northeast of Montreal, this four-bedroom, two-bath house is a gorgeous example of midcentury design. The home was designed in 1961 by Canadian Roger D’Astous, a prolific architect who interned with Frank Lloyd Wright in 1952 and is known for a long list of buildings in Quebec—including the twin-towered Olympic Village that housed athletes in the 1976 Summer Olympics.

This home was designed as part of an architectural competition to attract future residents to Boucherville, and its gleaming aluminum-screened exterior and overhanging roof manages to look unique while also being a classic archetype of 1960s architecture.

The lower floor is a giant entrance hall and glass living room, all organized around an airy staircase in teak and aluminum. With stone floors and beamed ceilings, huge windows provide views out to the pool beyond. As you ascend the stairs, a large tree welcomes you upward towards the common spaces. Intricate railings surround the wood-clad walls, parquet flooring, and fireplace. An updated kitchen works seamlessly with period pieces and a second-floor patio provides a spot for outdoor entertaining.

The bedrooms feature original flooring and walls, with privacy in mind. The bathrooms have been updated but still manage to look authentic, and taken together, the house flows from one picture-perfect room to the next. A full-length swimming pool outside accompanies a large ground-floor terrace, and even the garden shed is done in midcentury style.

Love what you see? 315 Jeanne-Petit Street is on the market for $1,129,000 Canadian dollars ($855,380).

The lower level serves as a large entry hall with stone floors, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a central aluminum and teak staircase.
Upstairs, parquet flooring and an elaborate railing surround a tree.
The kitchen area and eat-in dining room is updated but flows with the home’s style.
Clerestory windows, wood paneling, and parquet floors are all original in the bedrooms.
A gorgeous green-tiled bathroom.
The expansive pool complements a large stone patio and outdoor dining area.