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Modular concrete kitchen makes al fresco cooking a breeze

A high-design kitchen in box

Outdoor kitchen with concrete counter tops Photo courtesy of Wwoo

Cooking outdoors is great in theory, but it’s way more complicated than it ought to be in practice. Grilling requires gear, and gear requires space. Unless you have a built-in kitchen al fresco, things can get a little disorganized.

Outdoor kitchen with wood storage Photo courtesy of Wwoo

That’s where something like Wwoo’s concrete outdoor kitchen comes in. Dutch designer Piet-Jan van den Kommer designed what’s best described as a high-design kitchen in a box. The kitchen comes in five-foot prefabricated concrete panels that assemble into a partition-like structure that has everything you need for outdoor cooking.

Outdoor kitchen with built-in storage Photo courtesy of Wwoo

Each kitchen can be customized to its owner’s preferences with features like built-in storage and shelves, a stainless steel sink, and room for a grill or smoker. Want room for firewood? No problem. Are you the type who needs two grills? It’s possible because of Wwoo’s modular set-up.

The kitchens come in three hues of cleanable concrete—white, light gray, and dark gray—so there’s something that will appeal to every aesthetically minded home cook.