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Wear the Bauhaus with Nike’s new Air Max sneakers

The Air Max 270 React rocks a Bauhaus-inspired color palette

Sneaker in primary colors NIke

From exhibitions to blankets to Google Doodles, the Bauhaus centennial has given the world enough Bauhausian fodder to last a lifetime (or at least a year). Now, Nike is getting in on the fun with a new shoe drop honoring the German design school.

Back of sneaker NIke

Next week, Nike is releasing the Air Max 270 React, a cushy sneaker that’s decked out in two Bauhaus-inspired color palettes. The first pair has an upper with a white base that’s overlaid with geometric strips of black, red, and turquoise. A bright yellow swoosh cuts across the side and a deep blue air bubble provides cushion, solidifying the shoe’s primary-hued vibe.

Geometric sneaker sole NIke

Another version of the sneaker takes a slightly more understated approach with a palette of red, black, cornflower blue, and pale yellow. It’s all enough to make Josef Albers weep tears of color theory joy.

Sneaker with blue, red, yellow upper NIke

if you’re interested in wearing a little piece of the Bauhaus, you can snag a pair of the sneakers for $150 when they go on sale July 3.