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End your hike in style at this gorgeous pentagonal cabin

Snøhetta designed the self-service cabin as a stylish respite in Norway

Ivar Kvaal

No country is better at roughing it luxuriously than Norway. Known for its high-design rest stops and scenic hiking huts, Norway has yet another amenity to add to its roster of impressive glamping options.

House in woods Ole Petter Steen

Oslo-based architecture firm Snøhetta designed a self-service cabin outside the city that overlooks a majestic fjord. The “Fuglemyrhytta” cabin gives the landscape a run for its money with a simple but gorgeous design that campers can rent as a post-hike retreat through the Norwegian Trekking Association.

People sitting around candle lit table Ivar Kvaal

Snøhetta designed the cabin as two staggered pentagonal volumes clad in cross-laminated timber. The buildings rise into geometric peaks, resulting in an unusual take on a traditional cabin’s vaulted ceiling. The main room of the cabin features a large window that looks out toward the Fjord. Two timber tables are positioned next to the window and can seat up to 16 people.

Room with storage space for fire wood Ivar Kvaal
Exterior of house with sun shining Ole Petter Steen

The cabins are technically bare bones (you’ll have to use an outhouse), but the details are thoughtfully considered. A mud room has a built-in timber storage unit for firewood, the bench cushions come in a stylish print, and even the outhouse has an angular, hygge feel to it.

Wooden home in the snow Ivar Kvaal
Timber home in snow Ivar Kvaal