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Mirrored house disappears into the landscape

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A stunning mirage effect

Rendering of house with mirrored base Antonis Tzortzis

This house in Santorini, Greece, appears to float above the landscape. Designed by Kapsimalis Architects, the home perches atop a mirrored base that reflects the surrounding landscape and turns the conceptual house into high-design camouflage.

Living room with large windows Antonis Tzortzis

The architects conceived of the project as two levels that when stacked on top of each other create a stunning mirage effect. The first level is wrapped in mirror-clad windows and houses the living room, dining room, kitchen, and master bedroom.

Room with door open to terrace Antonis Tzortzis

On top, a textured block that looks like it was chiseled out of Greece’s stratigraphy blends into the land and contains the attic, office space, and an expansive terrace. Inside, the house is all about warm, natural tones, clean-lined furniture, and large windows that make the interior, like the exterior, merge into the landscape.

House with mirrored base in vineyard Antonis Tzortzis

The home is far from the only design to make use of a mirrored facade, but we have to say, this one might be the coolest one yet.