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Modular camper van sleeps a family and fits in a garage

A daily driver and weekend retreat in one

Photos courtesy of Terracamper

Camper vans are big business in the RV industry, and one of the niche markets that is seeing the most growth is the small camper van sector. Five years ago there weren’t many U.S. options comparable to the Volkswagen California, a small van that can do double duty as a family car and weekender. Love campers and trailers? Come join our community group.

People love the California for its small footprint—it can fit in a garage—and the ability to haul a family. But ironically, the California isn’t available in the United States, leaving potential customers to covet the camper from afar. Now, however, the industry is changing with the debut of more and more small camper van companies.

The latest camper van to cross our desk is the Terracamper Tecamp. Originally from Germany, the Terracamper is available for purchase in the U.S. through RRE-Global and is built on the Mercedes-Benz Metris. That’s a unique feature compared to many other small camper vans, many of which are built on the Nissan NV200 cargo van, the Toyota Sienna minivan, or the Ram Promaster City.

The Tecamp uses lightweight, modular furniture that is framed by two side panels. Everything is removable, including the kitchen, seats, and downstairs bed. It’s all attached to a smart floor that features railings that allow for different configurations.

Even better, many of the features can be used outdoors. The kitchen features a Dometic fridge/freezer combo that can be accessed inside or out. A stove can also be used to cook outside, and the kitchen also boasts a sink and storage cubbies.

Unlike some campers that can only sleep two, the Tecamp sleeps a family of four. The upstairs pop-top boasts a queen size bed and three zippered windows, and the downstairs bed fits two adults. Other perks include an outdoor shower, LED lights, insulated blinds, and the option to add solar panels, a porta-potty, gear racks, or a dog crate system at an additional cost.

The Tecamp has a starting price of $35,900, which includes the pop-up roof, flooring system, furniture kit, and the technology and water systems. The price does not include the Mercedes Benz Metris van.

That may seem pricey to some, but it’s in line with most of the competition. It’s also worth pointing out that the modularity of the Tecamp means that you aren’t buying a separate tow vehicle or family car; this type of small camper can do it all.