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Airstream debuts two new compact travel trailers

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The all-new Bambi and Caravel trailers prove “small is the new big”

Originally launched in 1961, the Bambi is often used as a nickname for any of Airstream’s smaller, single-axel trailers. Now, the Bambi is getting its own line of travel trailers.
All photos courtesy of Airstream

Driven by millennial desire and the van life craze, many RV manufacturers are turning to smaller campers and trailers. We’ve seen new, compact camper vans from brands like Winnebago and Thor Motor Coach, and today Airstream is debuting two new travel trailers—both 22 feet and under. Love campers and trailers? Come join our new community group.

At RVX—the RV industry’s new trade show—this past spring, Airstream CEO Bob Wheeler told Curbed that customers can expect campers to trend smaller and lighter as they brands work to attract younger generations. Now, Airstream is delivering on these promises with the revival of two single-axel models that were originally launched in the early 1960s: the Bambi and the Caravel.

You’ve probably heard the name Bambi before; a 16-foot model that was first produced from 1961-1964 and revamped from 1998-2002. Since then, Bambi is often used as a nickname for any of Airstream’s smaller, single-axel trailers. A retro Bambi model is even housed in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

The Caraval first appeared in 1956 and the name was used on and off through 1971 for select trailers, usually 16 or 18 feet long, and with a popular “street-side” bed. Now, the Bambi and the Caraval are getting their own family of travel trailers, available in four floor plans—16, 19, 20, and 22 feet in length.

Each floorplan includes a dedicated bed with privacy curtain, a dinette that converts into an extra sleeping space, and an efficient, compact kitchen. The 20 and 22-foot models have larger kitchens with more counter space, and the 22-foot version has a bathroom that spans the rear of the trailer. Custom options include a convection microwave, solar powers, and Airstream’s WiFi kit. Both will have two interior decor options in any of the four floor plans.

The Bambi will start at $48,900 and the Caravel starts at $60,900. Along with Airstream’s Basecamp and Nest travel trailers, these two new campers prove—as Bob Wheeler said in a recent interview—that “small is the new big.”

The Bambi interior uses neutral tones, whites, and grays.
The interior of the Caraval features bright whites, warm woods, and black accents.