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The best Father’s Day gifts to shop right now

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Fun ideas for every type of dad

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Father’s Day is coming up quick on Sunday, June 16, and now’s the time to order the perfect gift for your one-of-a-kind dad. But while the internet—read: quick, cheap shipping—makes shopping easier than ever, it can also leave you drowning in a sea of subpar options.

If you’re faced with shopping paralysis due to too many options, Curbed has you covered. We’ve searched our favorite brands to find picks that are both practical and cool. Of course, not all dads are similar, so we’ve broken up our picks into categories that can help you narrow it down. From the dad who wants to transform his house into a smart home to the grandpa who loves music or the outdoors, here are 22 top-notch gift ideas for Father’s Day.

Helpful gifts for dad at home

For the father who likes to read

Ballpark: Baseball in the American City

  • $22

This new book by critic Paul Goldberger traces how baseball and stadium design reflect our changing opinions of cities. It’s a fun look at how American’s favorite pastime mirrors ideas about American urbanism, and a must-read for any design-minded sports dad. Read more, over here.

Must-have kitchen and drink items

Grill Prep Station

  • $30

This four-piece set includes two trays, a lid, and an accessory bin that lets you marinate, store, chill, and serve grilled food. The two trays are marked “raw” and “cooked” to help prevent cross-contamination, and everything is dishwasher safe.

Gifts for music lovers

Crosley Cruiser Bluetooth Record Player

  • $69

Located in a prime spot in Barber’s living room, this turntable combines vintage style in a mint faux leather briefcase. The record player produces solid sound, is bluetooth compatible, and comes with a headphone jack, RCA audio out, and stereo speakers.

For the tech-minded father

For the outdoorsy dad

Looking for even more adventure-minded gifts? Check out our ultimate guide to the best camping gear.