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Ikea recreated famous TV living rooms and it’s brilliant

For a small price, you too could have Marge Simpson’s living room

Replica of Stranger Things living room Ikea

In case you’ve ever found yourself wondering, “Where did Marge find that killer orange couch?” we’ve got answers for you: Look no further than Ikea. For a new promotional campaign called Real Life Series, Ikea partnered with creative agency Publicis Spain to recreate famous living rooms from a handful of television shows, using—what else?—Ikea’s own furniture.

The retailer captured the shabby charm of The Simpsons living room thanks to its Knislinge couch, Tyssedal side table, and Lattjo braided rug. Meanwhile, it faithfully recreated the questionably spacious and extremely ’90s set up from Friends with a Lack coffee table, Ektorp couch, and an artfully placed Knappa pendant dangling over the entryway. The last room, a replica of Stranger Things’ creepy den, gets down to the details with Mala paint, Solvinden string lights, and its impressively accurate Tuvalie striped throw.

We’re not sure what this says about the modernity of Ikea’s furniture lineup, but at the very least it achieved its intended effect: a brilliant feat of viral marketing.

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