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Playful modern treehouse is all about the details

For the design-minded child

Kid in modern treehouse Elizabeth Felicella

This treehouse from Sharon Davis Design isn’t just a treehouse, it’s a climbable, slidable sculpture. Crafted for a yard in upstate New York, the site-specific Garrison Treehouse is a 350-square-foot box that may be nicer than most adults’ homes.

The structure was built by hand, by a furniture maker no less. “To lead construction, we sought out a furniture-maker, rather than a general contractor, whose craftsmanship would elevate this small-scale work,” Davis told Fast Company.

Sleek white stilts support a pale wood box made from reclaimed white cedar and polycarbonate. To enter the playhouse, kids climb up a handmade rope net and onto a platform. Another netted area is designed for lounging and admiring the Hudson Valley views, as children are wont to do.

A ladder leads to a second level where there’s a desk for doodling and the treehouse’s coolest feature yet: a custom stainless steel slide that shoots visitors back down to the main level where they can start the cycle of fun all over again.

Kid playing in treehouse Elizabeth Felicella