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Vipp’s new ‘Chimney House’ is a high-design getaway

Modern furniture in a centuries-old setting

Living room with modern furniture Irina Noersma and Hampus Berndtson

Come to Vipp for the furniture, and stay for its growing list of compelling hotel concepts. Over the last couple of years, the Danish furniture brand has rolled out prefab vacation rentals, a rentable furnished loft, and now it’s adding another aesthetically-pleasing getaway option to its roster.

The Vipp Chimney House is a two-bedroom, two-bathroom rental in Copenhagen built inside a transformed water pumping station with a massive chimney. Designer David Thulstrup outfitted the modern abode with Vipp goods (obviously), creating a stylishly pared down vibe in the two-story house.

Building with tall chimney Irina Noersma and Hampus Berndtson
Dining room with pink Irina Noersma and Hampus Berndtson

The ground floor has understated white terrazzo flooring flecked with black and gray and an open plan kitchen that flows into a living room and dining room. A striking, geometric staircase leads to the top floor where the master bedroom is bedecked in neutral colors. The entire house is designed to showcase the Vipp lifestyle, which is to say cool, sleek, and extremely Scandinavian.

You can live that Vipp lifestyle for around $2,265 per night by booking here.