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This modern house was built from over 600,000 recycled plastic bottles

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It’s also hurricane resistant

Black and tan house near water JD Composites

This home is made from more than 600,000 plastic bottles, though you’d probably never guess it. Designed by construction firm JD Composites, the Nova Scotia dwelling isn’t just sustainable—it’s also built to withstand 300 mph winds.

The single-level house, which cost approximately $375,000 to build, has a simple layout that expands into a large kitchen, open living room, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms. Inside, the home feels like your typical modern, new-build with grayish wood floors, white walls, and an angular bay window that looks out over the water.

Exterior of house JD Composites
Kitchen with large island JD Composites

Aesthetics aside, what really makes the house interesting is what’s inside the walls. According to New Atlas, JD Composites worked with the insulation company Armacell to create the home’s 184 prefabricated wall panels by melting 612,000 recycled plastic bottles into beads and extruding those pellets into a foam core. The polyethylene terephthalate (TFP) panels are are well insulated, blocking out heat during the summer and cold during the winter.

Bedroom with large window JD Composites

They’re also extremely sturdy. The home’s engineers claim the house can withstand a Category 5 hurricane. It survived a wind test of up to 326 mph—the maximum speed for the wind tunnel. The company is betting this kind of durability will be attractive to homeowners on the coasts. For now, the house will be rented on Airbnb with the goal of showing off the house to potential buyers.