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Now you can rent outdoor gear with your campsite

No camping gear? No problem 


More people are camping than ever before, fueled by millennial families and the desire to get outside and explore the great outdoors. But camping has a number of barriers that can make access more difficult, whether that’s how urban residents get to remote regions or whether they feel comfortable in the backcountry.

The largest deterrent for potential campers, however, is the amount of gear you need to camp successfully. Tents, sleeping bags, chairs, and backpacks are expensive and can be bulky to store, and if you multiply that for a family it’s even more so.

A new partnership hopes to combat this problem. Arrive is an outdoor experience company that rents gear with delivery anywhere in the contiguous U.S. Now, Arrive has partnered with Reserve America, a popular website that manages reservations for most state and local government park lands campgrounds in North America.

When someone books a campground on Reserve America, the new partnership means that they can rent gear for that experience via Arrive. Products are available from over 40 different brands and include things like a camping set up for two people, a bike touring set for one, or a six-person tent you can rent by itself. Other products include camp chairs, hammocks, headlamps, lanterns, power bank chargers, stoves, coolers, and even a portable pressure shower.

Once you’ve picked out what you want, Arrive will send gear to your home, hotel, or a Fedex location near you destination, with all the gear delivered by 8 pm the night before your first rental day. Head over here for more.