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Floyd is launching modular shelves that assemble in 20 minutes

A product two years in the making

Woman sitting on couch next to shelves Floyd

The Floydifcation of homes is nearly complete. From beds, to sofas, to tables, the Detroit-based direct-to-consumer furniture company seems to be slowly creating a minimalist, build-it-yourself empire for the post-Ikea set. And now you can count shelves among the company’s offerings.

Shelf in living room Floyd

Floyd just released a new line of modular shelves called The Shelf. The Shelf comes in three sizes—tall, short, and wardrobe—and three colors, and each base unit can be added side by side to create a customized set-up (think Vitsoe, only cheaper). The company’s designers spent two years—the company’s longest product development process yet—testing more than 40 iterations of The Shelf to get it just right. Floyd’s founder, Kyle Hoff, explained to Curbed the obsessive attention to detail:

”We surveyed about 2,000 Floyd customers during our R&D process and found that people use shelves in a lot of different ways and it’s more than just storage—it’s about displaying who you are ... The connections in the shelf are what took the most time to perfect—we had to ensure that this product would be truly easy to assemble/adapt while being structurally sound, we’re really proud of what we’ve created.”

Shelves holding books and magazines Floyd

Indeed, Floyd’s shelves appear to embrace the same stark wood and metal aesthetic that made its bed a mainstay in millennial homes. The metal shelves come in white, black, and green, and can be slotted into the wooden frame at various intervals. The shelves anchor to the wall with a velcro system and can hold up to 65 pounds each. Floyd claims all of the shelves can be assembled in 20 minutes or less, which means your only real job is to figure out what to put on them.

Now available, the Shelf starts at $425 for a low shelf.

Man hooking shelf to wooden frame Floyd
Hangers hanging from wooden shelf Floyd