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The best splurge item for Amazon Prime Day: the Vitamix blender

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The Vitamix has earned a place of honor on my counter

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Illustration by Alyssa Nassner

Update: The Amazon Prime Deal on the Vitamix Blender has sold out. Head over here for more kitchen deals and see below for more deals on blenders.

Amazon Prime Day 2019 is in full swing and Curbed is on the beat tracking the best deals for your home. There’s one item that—while expensive—is being offered at a steep discount making it a top time to splurge: the Vitamix blender.

Many household appliances are expensive, and the Vitamix gets close to big-ticket items with a price tag in the hundreds. You might be asking: It’s just a blender, is it worth the cost?

In my kitchen, the Vitamix is one splurge that’s paid dividends. For years I toiled with a cheap blender—you know the kind. The lid was either frustratingly tight or impossibly loose, and no matter how many times I pushed the pulse button, my food always ended up as the same medium-chunk consistency. Pouring was a disaster, and cleaning up was even worse. It all meant that my blender was relegated to a dusty corner in a lower cabinet.

The Vitamix, however, has earned a prime location on my counter. In the mornings I use it as most blenders are intended, for smoothies and protein shakes that whip up quickly and efficiently.

The evenings, however, is when the real magic happens. A 64-ounce capacity can blend a lot at one time, and I love using it to make salsas, pestos, and other sauces. It works to grind nuts and shred cheese, and I find that it’s often my go-to item when cooking.

I haven’t used it to make soups yet—ads say that the friction from the blades make steaming hot soup without a stove—but beyond that it fits all of my needs. The Vitamix is also easier to clean up than other blenders, rinsing off well with little effort.

Because the Vitamix blenders have sold out, we’ve listed a few other blenders, below.

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