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Smart planter has a screen that displays your plant’s ‘feelings’

Who knew plants could feel so much?

Water can pouring water into planter Mu Design

Plants are like pets; they can’t talk to you, per se, but they communicate nonetheless. They droop, sprout, and grow in a nonverbal language that almost seems to communicate emotions. For anyone who’s ever wondered, “How does my plant really feel?” finding the answer could get a whole lot easier with Lua, a concept for a smart planter that displays your plant’s emotions (or equivalent of).

Planter next to glass of water Mu Design

Belgian designer Vivien Mueller of Mu Design embedded the anthropomorphic vase with sensors that can measure things like soil moisture, temperature, and light exposure. These sensors are used to trigger 15 different “emotions” on the 2.4 inch LCD screen, for instance: If a plant is cold, the screen will light up with chattering teeth. If it’s too hot, the screen will show beads of sweat. A plant with too much water will look sick, and one with not enough will show it panting with its tongue out.

Gif of app interface Mu Design

The designer explains that Lua is connected to an app where people can log what kind of plant they’re caring for, and the planter will automatically calibrate the sensors to the plant’s specific need. It’s a lot like other apps that take the guess work out of plant care, only Lua is a whole lot cuter.

Lua is now raising funds on Indiegogo with a projected ship date of December 2019.