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Snøhetta’s architectural interventions in the Austrian Alps let the land speak for itself

The designs encourage pause and reflection along a 1.7 mile hiking trail in the Nordkette mountains

People standing on cantilevering path Christian Flatscher/Snøhetta

Architectural tourism tends to cater to the ostentatious. Make it shiny, colorful, or thrilling, and tourists will flock to it, phone in hand.

High above the town of Innsbruck, Austria, a new kind of architectural tourism has taken shape thanks to Snøhetta. The firm recently completed a series of landscape installations along a 1.7 mile hiking trail in the Nordkette mountains. The “Path of Perspectives,” includes 10 “architectural interventions” that are designed to encourage hikers to take a breather and absorb their surroundings.

People sitting on wooden steps Christian Flatscher/Snøhetta

Snøhetta’s designs include wide-stepped timber terraces that cut into the terrain and a steel box that juts out from a hiking trail. Most are made from wood and metal and are designed to blend in with their surroundings.

People sitting on metal box in alps Christian Flatscher/Snøhetta

The installations dot the trail, turning the already picturesque landscape into an art walk of sorts. Hikers are rewarded for their efforts when they end up at a metal pathway that dramatically cantilevers over the side of the mountain—a photo worthy moment if there ever was one.