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You can soon book a night in the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile

Because, at this point, why not?

Weinermobile on the road Airbnb

Brands have it tough today. No longer is it enough to tweet or to hire an influencer to subtly shill your product. In 2019, marketing requires something else—something, shall we say, more experiential. Like, for instance, sleeping in a giant hotdog.

To celebrate National Hot Dog Day on Wednesday this week, Oscar Mayer, purveyor of mass produced meat links, announced it’s renting out its Weinermobile. For a limited time in August, hot dog enthusiasts can book a night in the giant meat on wheels, which will take up residence in Chicago.

Couch inside vehicle Airbnb
Bed inside vehicle Airbnb

Oscar Meyer outfitted the 27-foot van (is a mobile hot dog considered a van?) with a pullout bed for two and plenty of hot dog-themed paraphernalia including free hot dogs (obviously), a grill, and a condiment-stocked fridge. Original hot dog-themed art hangs on the walls, and there’s a picnic table outside for enjoying a wiener or two. The whole set up looks pretty comfortable, as far as sleeping in a giant piece of fake tubular meat goes.

If you’re interested in booking the big dog for $136 per night, dates will be become available starting July 24.

Red and yellow interior Airbnb