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A-frame inspired camper is an adventure-ready home-on-wheels

The camper transforms from gear hauler to spacious pop-up cabin

All photos courtesy of AntiShanty

Curbed loves innovative camper design, whether it’s focused on making RVs more eco-conscious or rethinking expectations of classic shapes like the teardrop. And it’s a good time to be obsessed with campers: A new group of RV companies are eschewing traditional RV design—goodbye, tired swoops—for fresh takes on what a camper can do and look like. Love campers and trailers? Come join our community group.

The latest innovative design to cross our desk comes from Northern Utah. Called the AntiShanty, this camper at first glance looks like your normal boxy, gear-hauling trailer. And like adventure-minded gear haulers, the AntiShanty is an aluminum-clad cargo box that can handle mountain bikes, dirt bikes, surfboards, and the like. A full size lift gate swings up so you have plenty of space to load things, and inside there are plenty of tie-downs to secure your gear.

The AntiShanty’s differences come once you roll into camp. Pull out your gear and the camper transforms into an A-frame inspired cabin with a manual roof that pops and slides into place. The peaked ceiling gives you nine feet of head clearance, while triangular end panels fill out the holes at the front and rear.

The furniture and amenities of the AntiShanty are barebones; think of it more as a blank slate than a full-time home. A modular system of aluminum beams secure to sidewall tracks and can be reworked to form a table, bench, and queen sleeping platform. A bunch of windows open up for air floor, and you can also add a bunk-bed style sleeping platform under the high roof—meaning that the trailer has the capacity to sleep four adults.

Continuing in the “less is more” mind-frame, there’s no built-in kitchen. Instead the AntiShanty uses a front countertop as a place to cook food. A RoadShower water tank can sit on the exterior fenders, giving you a chance to spray off and there’s no bathroom—something people will either love or hate.

Because the company is brand new, AntiShanty is still working on their final design and hasn’t released pricing on a production model. Their website does say that the trailer will be lightweight, with the basic model measuring in at about 1,500 pounds. We’ll update this story with pricing as soon as we have it, and in the mean time you can watch a video that shows the AntiShanty in action, below.